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Ruka Camper offers a unrestricted and family to visit the beautiful landscapes that offers southern Chile. Chile is a country that clearly has immense natural potential and that is why it is made perfect for travel in Motorhome.

We have every intention of providing the best customer service directly focused 24 hours a day, regarding any problem, being a small company we will always be attentive to you in order to provide the best possible experience.

You can enjoy the majestic nature, harmony, energy that it offers us and finally gives us a clear sense of how it should be this. On these trips you will see the real vegetation to grow naturally and unchanged offering a scent that represents the ecosystem of the south.

It provides natural tourist destinations, highlighting national parks, large lakes, icebergs, trails, glaciers, snowfields oldest in the world, volcanoes, undisturbed forests.

Full and unrestricted service leasing motorhomes in southern Chile, specifically in Puerto Varas.


High quality vehicle with optimal design and equipment.


Personalized and flexible service.


Rigorous maintenance of vehicles.

RUKACAMPER: Motorhomes rental. Puerto Varas, Chile

Chile es un país con potencial natural inmenso, por ello es perfecto para viajar


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